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Job Status Office clerks Number 2 People
Academic requirements No Professional requirements No
Work Zhangjiagang Wages Negotiable
Date 2013/8/7 Deadline 2013/11/15
Recruitment firms Zhangjiagang Huagang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Job Description

1 Charge of forwarding company calls, if necessary, be recorded and notified to the people
2 Responsible for registration of visiting guests, reception, leading
3 Responsible for attendance monitoring, recording, summarizing, reporting
4 Responsible for meeting rooms, conference room management, scheduling
5 For the fax machine, copier daily use and maintenance

Recruitment requirements 1.Relevant work experience, familiar with all kinds of office software, with some English conversation skills
2 Groomed, sweet voice, more than 160cm tall, and competent, serious and enthusiastic, responsible, honest and reliable,
3 Good communication skills and spirit of service.
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