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High Precision Cold-drawn Seamless Steel Tube: Our company can provide products with manufacturing standards of DIN2391, DIN2393, EN10305-1, EN10305-4, GB9948, GB6479, GB3639, etc. This kind of steel tubes can meet with the special requirements of precision and high degree of finish. Its mechanical property can adapt to be bent in any angles, and also can bear with different requirements of high pressure, cold bending, flaring, flattening and tensile strength, should ensure that there is no detonation and cracks, and inside and outside of the steel tubes, there is no oxide skin. To pneumatic power, hydraulic pressure and lubricating groove, there is no blockage. The elongation and strength of the steel tubes are all perfect. At present, it is widely applied in areas of automotive parts and air conditioner cooling.
High Precision Rolled Seamless Steel Tubes:This kind of steel tube has the performance of high abrasive resistance and concentricity. Its surface shows mirror status. Reducing the workload of deep processing and grinding when the customers are using the steel tubes. It’s perfect steel tube for hydraulic pressure equipments and physical construction equipments.

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